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Diploma Tracks and

Course Descriptions


Alexandria-Monroe High School


Class of 2021


                                                                         CURRICULUM OFFERINGS

Students wishing to receive a diploma from Alexandria-Monroe High School must earn 47 credits.  Students have the opportunity to earn 14 credits in each of grades 9-12, for a total of 56 credits possible.

In addition to earning the required credits, students must also pass the ISTEP + 10 in Math, Language Arts, and Science (Biology I).   These tests will be given upon completion of the classes.



Alexandria Monroe High School offers three different tracks for completing graduation requirements.


Indiana Core 40        This diploma track is required by the state of Indiana.  Core 40 is the basic curriculum required for admission to all Indiana four year colleges.  The requirements are as follows:


English                          8 credits

              Mathematics                 6 credits:  Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry are required.

 (Students must be in math or a quantitative reasoning  course each year of high school.)                                             

Social Studies                 6 credits: 2 U.S. History, 2 World History, 1 U.S. Gov., and   

               1 Economics

 Science                               6 credits: 2 credits in Biology I; 2 credits in Chemistry OR Physics OR Integrated Chemistry- Physics; 2 more credits in Core 40 science.                                                             

 Health Education                1 semester, 1 credit

               Physical Education             2 semesters, 2 credits

               Directed Electives              5 credits in World Languages, Fine Arts, or Career/Technical

               Electives                     13 credits to equal 47 required by AMHS.   


Core 40 with Academic Honors This diploma track is the most rigorous curriculum recommended for any student planning to attend 4-year-college after graduation.

         To complete the Core 40 with Academic Honors diploma, students must do the following:

  • Complete all requirements for Core 40 as noted above
  • Earn 2 additional Core 40 math credits beyond Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry
  • Earn 6-8 Core 40 world language credits (6 in one language or 4 in each of two languages)
  • Earn 2 Core 40 FINE ARTS credits (visual or performing arts)
  • Earn a grade of “C” or better in courses that will count toward the 47 credits required for the diploma
  • Have a grade point average of “B” or better (3.0 on a 4.0 scale)

IN ADDITION, students must complete ONE of the following:

A.  Earn 4 credits in 2 or more AP courses and take the corresponding AP Exams.    OR

B.  Earn 6 verifiable transcripted college credits in dual credit courses                        OR

C.  Earn the following:

1.  A minimum of 3 verifiable transcripted college credits AND

2.  2 credits in AP courses and corresponding AP exams 

D.  Earn a combined score of on the reading and math sections of the SAT and a minimum score of                530 on each. 

E.  Earn an ACT composite score of 26 or higher and complete the written section. 

*Alexandria Monroe High School has a RETAKE policy which allows students to retake a course if the course is required for the Academic Honors Diploma and the student receives a grade lower than “C.”  The student may retake the course only ONE time. The student must have teacher approval to retake a course.  The new grade is used to compute GPA.


Core 40 with Technical Honors    This diploma combines rigor and relevance which prepares students for technical schools, apprenticeships or the workforce.

For the Core 40 with Technical Honors diploma, students must:

  • Complete all requirements for Core 40 Diploma
  • Earn 6 credits in the college and career preparation courses in a state-approved College and Career Pathway and one of the following:
    • Pathway designated industry-based certification or credential, or
    • Pathway dual credits from the lists of priority courses resulting in 6 transcripted college credits
  • Earn a “C” or better in courses that will count toward the diploma
  • Have a grade point average of a “B” or better (3.0)
  • Complete one of the following:
    • Any one of the options (A-F) of the Core 40 with Academic Honors
    • Earn the following scores or higher on WorkKeys; Reading for Information-Level 6, Applied Mathematics-Level 6, and Locating Information-Level 5.
    • Earn the following minimum score on Accuplacer:  Writing 80, Reading 90, Math 75


             Valedictorian and Salutatorian Requirements

The Alexandria Community School Board of Education has implemented the following requirements for the high school Valedictorian and Salutatorian:

*Complete the requirements for the Core 40 Diploma with Academic Honors

*Complete one (1) additional AP course with test or Dual Credit course with college credit awarded

*Complete a fourth year of foreign language or a fourth year of science or be enrolled in AP Calculus as a senior.

Course Descriptions

(Courses are offered on an as-needed basis.  Some courses are not offered each year.  Course offerings are subject to change.)


I.  Visual Arts

Introduction to 2-Dimensional Art    (One Semester)

Students will produce art work  on flat surfaces.  Pastels, drawing pens, paints, and colored pencils are some of the materials utilized. 


Introduction to 3-Dimensional Art   (One Semester)

This course uses clay, plaster, wood, foam board and some glass to complete projects.  Painting, drawing, and sculpturing will be explored.


Ceramics    (One Semester)  11-12 Only Prerequisite 2D and 3D art

The focus of this course is to learn the hand building techniques of clay.  A variety of projects will be made using these three techniques:  coil, pinch and pull, and slab.  These projects are then glazed by the students and kiln-fired.  Every effort will be made to give the student an opportunity to explore the potter’s wheel.


Drawing    (One Semester)  10-12 grade only  Prerequisite:  2-D Art

This basic course in drawing will give students the opportunity to explore techniques in pen, pencil, charcoal, ink, pastel, and a mix of other media.


Painting   (One Semester)  10-12 grade only  Prerequisite:  2-D Art

Students interested in painting should pursue this coursework.


Jewelry Making (One Semester)   11 and 12 grade only  Prerequisite 3D Art

 In this class, students will design and make jewelry using various metals and stones.

II.  Business Technology


      Personal Financial Responsibility (One Semester required for all sophomores opposite Health.)

 Addresses the identification and management of personal financial resources to meet the financial needs and wants of individuals and families, considering a broad range of economic, social, cultural, technological, environmental, and maintenance factors.  This course helps students build skills in financial responsibility and decision-making; analyze personal standards, needs, wants, and goals; identify sources of income, saving and investing; understand banking, budgeting, record-keeping and managing risk, insurance, and credit card debt.

III. World Languages

All world languages are progressive.  Taking the succeeding year of language requires that students have passed the preceding year successfully.  Students must begin with level I language.  It is highly recommended that students take upper level language in the senior year if the student will be attending college.  Three years in one language or two years each in two different languages are required for the Academic Honors Diploma. 


German I or Spanish I (One Year)

In Level I World Language courses, students are introduced to the five essential skills in language learning:  listening comprehension, speaking, reading, writing, and cultural understanding.  Students also learn specific strategies for language acquisition.  Level I focuses on building a good vocabulary base and strong foundational concepts for communicating in the target language.  The courses foster an appreciation for the diversity of the cultures studied.


German II  or Spanish II (One Year) 

In Level II World Language courses, students broaden the five essential skills in language learning:  listening comprehension, speaking, reading, writing, and cultural understanding.  Students continue to develop strategies for language acquisition.  Level II focuses on expanding the vocabulary base and mastering more challenging grammatical concepts.  Selected short stories, readings, or articles are read for comprehension and discussion in the target language.  The courses foster an appreciation for the contributions and influence the target cultures have made to the U.S. and to the world.


German III  or Spanish III(One Year)  (Spanish III may become Dual Credit with Ivy Tech)

Level III World Language is a challenging continuation of course work, with increasing emphasis on target-language instruction.  Students are expected to use the target language for general classroom interactions.  The course fosters a deeper understanding of the target culture, which may include a variety of literary selections, current events, art, music, etc.  Level III courses provide and engaging yet academically rigorous environment for students to explore.


German IV or Spanish IV (One Year)

Level IV World Language is where students demonstrate the ability to manipulate vocabulary and expressions for a broad variety of situations and settings.  The ability to paraphrase, discuss and synthesize ideas is essential at this stage.  Critical analysis of different literary, musical and artistic genres is expected.  Students will read from authentic materials, write well-organized compositions in the target language, and participate actively in a variety of settings.


IV.  English/Language Arts

Language Arts classes Grades 9-12 at Alexandria Monroe High School are aligned with the State Standards for English/Language Arts.  For course descriptions, see the State Standards.


English 9 ( One Year) 

Required for all Freshmen, required for graduation


Honors English 9  (One Year  Students must apply and be accepted into Honors English 9.)

This course covers the state standards for English 9 at a more advanced level than regular English 9.


English 10  (One Year)

 Required for all Sophomores, required for graduation.  At the end of English 10, students will take the End of Course Assessment for English 10.   Passing this test is required for graduation


Honors English 10 (One Year  Students must apply and be accepted into Honors English 10.) 

Honors English 10 covers the state standards for English 10 at a more advanced level.


English 11 ( One Year.)


English 12  (One Year.)



  1. Student should be at or above grade level in reading Lexile score.
  2. Student should have passed the English 10 ECA
  3. Student should have a B average in English 9 and 10 or a C or better in Honors English or AP English.


English Language and Composition, Advanced Placement/Dual Credit with Ivy Tech English 111 for a total of three college credits.

English Language and Composition , Advanced Placement is a course which follows the College Board Entrance Examination guidelines for advance placement English.  Writing assignments will be frequent, including weekly in-class essays and periodic research papers.  Students will also be expected to participate fully in class discussions and make presentations.  Students will take the AP test after completion of this course.  Students who qualify may earn Dual Credit with Ivy Tech Community College (transferable to state colleges and some private colleges) with a grade of C or better in this class. 



English Literature and Composition, Advanced Placement/Dual Credit with Ivy Tech English 206 for three college credits. You must have earned the credits in 111 junior year to be eligible for the Dual Credit.  However, you may still take the AP test if you have the dual credit or not.

English Literature and Composition, Advanced Placement is a course which follows the College Board Entrance Examination guidelines for Advance placement English.  Writing assignments are college level and reading is advanced.  Students will be expected to participate fully in class discussions and make presentations.  Students in this course may choose to take the AP test at the end of the year.   This course will also give qualifying students dual credit with Ivy Tech Community College if the student earns a B or better in the class.


Advanced English, College Credit, Dual Credit with Ivy Tech English 112.  This is a course for students who would like to complete the English requirements of 111 and 112 but who do not wish to take an AP English course their senior year.  Students who qualify for Dual Credit in Eng. 111 automatically qualify for English 112.


Creative Writing (One Semester 9-12)

Students complete creativity exercises and write poetry, short stories, dialogues, and plays.  Using the writing process, students demonstrate a command of vocabulary, the nuances of language and vocabulary, English language conventions, an awareness of the audience, the purposes for writing, and the style of their own writing.


Speech  (One Semester 10-12) 

Speech is the study and application of the basic principles and techniques of effective oral communication.  Students deliver focused and coherent speeches that convey clear messages, using gestures, tone, and vocabulary appropriate to the audience and purpose.  Students deliver different types of oral and multi-media presentations, including viewpoint, instructional, demonstration, informative, persuasive, and impromptu.



Student Publications  (One Year  11-12) May be taken in subsequent years; teacher approval required.  This is elective credit only.)

Student publications is the continuation of the study of journalism.  Students demonstrate their ability to do journalistic writing and design for high school publications, including school newspapers and yearbooks.  Students follow the ethical principles and legal boundaries that guide scholastic journalism.


Etymology-  (One semester)  This course is required of all Freshmen. It is a course designed to improve vocabulary by studying the composition or words;  roots, suffixes, and prefixes.  It is encouraged for students who want to improve their PSAT and SAT reading scores.



V.  Family and Consumer Science


Nutrition and Wellness/Adv. Nutrition and Wellness  (Two Semesters 9-12)

Students will learn about the 6 essential nutrients and what they do for the body.  We will also look at how the cooking techniques and food differ in other parts of the world.  This is also an introduction to cooking class, so we will have about 2-3 cooking labs per week.

Culinary Arts Foundations(One Year 10-12)

This class will take a closer look at the different food groups.  You MUST be open and willing to try new foods to participate in this class.  We have 3-4 cooking labs per week.


Advanced Culinary Arts Foundations  (One Year)  This course is offered only to students who have completed Culinary Arts.


Education Professions:  One Year, two periods per day for four credits per year. 

This course prepares students for working with children or for a career in education of some form.  Students will meet in classroom for two days a week and the remainder of the time will be placed with various grade levels of teachers within the Alexandria Community School System.  This program is available through application only.




(Math placement is through teacher recommendation, middle school math grades, and scores on the math portion of the ISTEP and the 8th grade math placement test.  Students are placed where they have the best chance of success.  Parents who want their child placed in a HIGHER math level must write a letter to be placed in their child’s permanent folder.  Generally, if a student is failing upper level math  (Algebra II and above) at the semester, the student is removed from the class.


Algebra I ( One Year,  Required for graduation)

This course covers the vocabulary of algebra, operations with real numbers, algebraic properties, solution of linear equations, solution of linear inequalities, word applications of skills, operations with radicals, graphing of linear relationships, and factoring of trinomials.  At the completion of Algebra I, students will take the GQE End of Course Assessment for Algebra I.


Geometry  (One Year)  Prerequisite:  Successful completion of Algebra I

  Students will use basic geometric figures and inductive/deductive reasoning.  Postulates, definitions, theorems, and corollaries will be used in forming 2-column proofs.  Congruence of triangles and angle relationships with parallel lines are emphasized.  Similarity, ration, proportion, angle and side relationship, and special right triangle with polygons are studied.



Algebra II  (One Year)  Prerequisite:  Successful completion of Algebra I and Geometry.

(Special permission may be granted to students to take Algebra II at the same time as Geometry for purposes of attaining Core 40, the Academic Honors Diploma or of advancing to AP Calculus.)

After some review of first year algebra, the student takes up solutions of simultaneous equations and quadratic equations,  graphing of second-degree equations, elementary trigonometry, and probability.



Pre Calculus /Dual Credit Math 136 and 137  with Ivy Tech(One Year)  Prerequisite:  Successful completion of Algebra II and Geometry. (This course fulfills the Academic Honors requirement for upper level math.

Pre Calculus blends together all of the concepts and skills that must be mastered prior to enrollment in a college-level calculus course.  Student study vectors, polar coordinates, complex numbers and their applications in trigonometry.  Several chapters are devoted to graphing various relations, polynomial functions, and conic sections.  A graphing calculator is required of all students. 6 credits at Ivy Tech are possible with this course.


Calculus AB, Advanced Placement/Dual Credit Math 211 with Ivy Tech  (One Year) Prerequisite:  Successful completion of Pre Calculus

This course assumes a grasp of trigonometry, analytic geometry, and various types of functions such as exponential, logarithmic, and polynomial.  It studies limits, continuity, and implicit and explicit differentiation of functions.  The second semester is devoted to techniques of integration finding both the definite and indefinite integrals.  The syllabus of the course prepares the students to take the AP Calculus AB exam.  A graphing calculator is required for all students.


Probability and Statistics. (One Year)  Prerequisite:  Successful completion of academic Algebra   II and Geometry. (This course fulfills the Academic Honors requirement for upper level math.)

This course develops appreciation for and skill in applying statistical techniques in the decision-making process.  Topics include methods of data collection, organization of data, and graphical techniques for exhibiting data together with measures of central tendency and variationPractical examples based on real experimental data are used.  A graphing calculator is required for all students.


AP Calculus BC (One Year)  This is a course for advanced math students per math department recommendation.


VIII.  Music


Beginning Chorus  (One Year-May be taken successive years)

This non-audition choir sings all types of music from pops to classical.  Singing events include departmental choral concerts, festivals, contests, and special programs. Outfits are required but fundraising activities help defray to outfit’s cost.


Intermediate Chorus  (One Year-May be taken successive years) 

This class is for students aspiring to move into Show Choir.  This class is by AUDITION ONLY.


Advanced Chorus  (One Year-May be taken successive years)  Performs as Crescendos Choir

This advanced group consists of students who are committed to a high level of musicianship and quality choral sound.  Along with singing, choreography is a vital part of this choir’s performance.  Events include concerts, festivals, contests, and community functions.  Membership is by vocal and choreography audition and director recommendation.  Each member purchases an outfit.  AUDITION ONLY


Concert Band  (One Year-May be taken in successive years). 


Marching Band  (One Year-May be taken concurrently with Concert Band and taken successive years.)



IX. Drama

Theater Arts  (One Year)

This class is open to any students who wish to learn about acting and putting on a theatrical production.  No audition is required.

Advanced Theater Arts (One Year) Audition Required

This class is open by audition only to students who successfully passed Theater Production.  More than two credits may be earned in this class.



X.  Physical Education and Health Education

Physical Education I and II  (One Year, 1 credit per semester)  Required for Graduation

Students experience both team and individual sports, including both indoor and outdoor activities.  Students use weights, stair climbers, treadmills, rowers, Nordic tracks, and step benches.


Health Education  (One Semester)  Required for graduation

This class provides the basis for continued methods of developing knowledge, concepts, skills, behaviors, and attitudes related to student health and well-being.


Elective PE :Strength/Physical Conditioning Training (One Semester but may take in successive semesters.)

Students in this class participate in a program of wt. lifting, running, and physical conditioning which will help them lead a healthier lifestyle and acquire healthy habits for a lifetime.


XII.  Science


Biology I  (One Year)  Required for graduation for ALL SOPHOMORES. 

This course explores the functions and processes of cells, tissues, organs, and systems within various species of living organisms and the roles and interdependence of organisms within populations, communities, ecosystems, and the biosphere.


Honors Biology I (One Year)  Can be taken by Freshmen who are in advanced math and who and earn at least 1 semester A in 8th grade science. 

This class will cover the same material as Biology I at a more advanced pace and  replaces Biology I taken sophomore year for graduation.  The class will move at a faster pace and include enrichment activities.


Integrated Chemistry-Physics (One Year) Beginning level course for Freshmen.

This course is a laboratory-based course in which students explore fundamental chemistry and physics principles.  Students enrolled in this course examine the structure and properties of matter, chemical reactions, forces, motion, and the interactions between energy and matter.    It is a Core 40 science that prepares students to take more rigorous science in upper grades.  Algebra I is a prerequisite or may be taken concurrently.


Biology II  (One Year)  Open to juniors who have passed Biology I. 

This class is an extension of Biology I with an emphasis on anatomy and zoology.  Students will be come familiar with human anatomical structures and participate in several dissections of various organisms.


Biology II, Advanced College Credit/Dual Credit Biology 100 Ivy Tech  (Not open to students who have credit in Biology II.  Must qualify for dual credit by scores on Ivy Tech Placement exam or PSAT scores.  Must have passed Biology I with a C or better;

This course will introduce the basic concepts of life.  It will include discussion of cellular and organismal biology, genetics, evolution, ecology, and interaction among all living organisms.  The course addresses application of biology to society.


Chemistry I  (One Year)  Prerequisite:  Biology I and Algebra I; Open to 10-12.

Chemistry I allows students to synthesize useful models of the structure of matter and the mechanisms of its interactions through laboratory investigations of matte and its chemical reaction.


Chemistry II  Dual Credit with Ivy Tech Chem 100.  Prerequisite:  Should have passed Chemistry I with a “B” or better.  Must qualify for dual credit through Ivy Tech placement or PSAT scores.  Open to 11-12.

This course follows College Board entrance examination guidelines for advanced placement chemistry.  Students take the AP Chemistry exam in May for possible qualification for college credit.


Physics , Advanced Placement (One Year) Recommended for Seniors Only.  Prerequisite:  Successful completion of Biology and  Algebra II with a C or better.  Should be enrolled in  or have completed Pre Calculus

Physics aids students in synthesizing the fundamental concepts and principles concerning matter and energy through the laboratory study of mechanics, wave motion, heat, light, electricity, magnetism, electromagnetism, and atomic and nuclear physics.


Environmental Science, Advanced Placement (Prerequisite:  Must have passed Biology I with a C or better and have passed or be enrolled in Chemistry.  Course is open to 11-12; 10th  may enroll with teacher permission.)

This year-long course will study the environmental sciences with an emphasis on ecology and habitats.    Students take the AP exam for college credit.


XIII. Social Studies


World History and Civilization  (One Year) Open to Sophomores  Required for graduation so must be retaken by juniors or seniors who have not passed both semesters.

This course provides for a study of selected world cultures, past and present.  The course provides a basis for students to compare and analyze patterns of culture, emphasizing both the diversity and commonality of human experience and behavior.  The course emphasizes the connections among civilizations from the earliest times to the present.


World History, Advanced Placement and Dual Credit with Ivy Tech World Civilization 101

This course is for upper level sophomores and replaces the World History requirement for graduation.  Students who receive a C or better will earn three Ivy Tech Credits.  Students will have the opportunity to take the AP Exam for college credit at the end of the year.

This course will teach the history of the world from a truly global stance rather than from the dominant perspective of Western civilization.  The approach places emphasis on worldwide historical processes and connections among the whole gamut of human societies.  Significantly, the course is organized  by five defining time periods, not by geographical areas.  This concept of “periodization” is a vehicle that facilitates seeing both the continuities and changes over time that form the framework for understanding world history.


United States History  (One Year) Open to Juniors Required for graduation so seniors who do not pass both semesters must retake the semester they did not pass.

The focus of this course is the 20th Century.  Critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making will be emphasized.  Current events will be an integral part of the class.


United States History, Advanced Placement/Dual Credit with Ivy Tech History 101(One Year )

Students who enroll should have a minimum GPA of 3.0, should have received a 3.0 in World History and English 10; should have passed English 10 ECA.

This rigorous course will intensely study a selected time period of U.S. History.  Much reading and research will be required.  The students will take the AP United States History exam for possible college credit in United States History.


United States Government  (One Semester) 12 only Required for Graduation

The course outlines the organizations and functions of United States Government at the local, state, and national levels.  The focus is to encourage students to become active participating members of society.  Current events will be discussed regularly.


United States Government, Dual Credit (One Semester)  Ivy Tech Pol. Sci. 100 dual credit.


Economics  (One Semester) 12 only Required for Graduation

The course introduces students to basic economic concepts.  Strong emphasis will be placed on applying these concepts to every day economic problems involved in the business world.


Honors Economics (one Semester) 12th only.  Faster pace than regular Economics.


Psychology  (One Semester)  10-12

       The course is a general survey course of psychological methods, human growth and development,

       Human behavior, learning and thinking, perceptions and emotions, conflicts and adjustments,

       and social behavior.          


Psychology, Advanced Placement (11,12)  One Year.  This course will enable students to study Psychology at the beginning college level and take the AP test upon completion of the course.


Sociology  (One Semester) 

Sociology is the study of human society, including social action and social organization.  Social life will be studied in settings including cultural and social structure, individuals in society, social inequality, social institutions, and the social world.  Students will read and interpret charts, graphs, tables, and maps.




XIV.  Multidisciplinary

Multidisciplinary courses do not fit under one academic area,  Instead they

combine academic areas into a broad framework of areas of study.

Career Information and Exploration  REQUIRED (One Semester)  9th grade

This course provides students opportunities to learn about themselves and about various traditional and nontraditional occupations and careers.  Students develop skills in employability, understanding the economic process, and decision making and planning.


Peer Tutoring  (One Year)  SENIORS ONLY

Peer Tutoring provides high school students with an experience to assist other students through a helping relationship with their studies.  These students will be helping students with homework in English, math, social studies, and science courses during one period of the school day.  The class earns one elective credit per semester.



  XV.  Career Centers

Students from Alexandria Monroe High School may attend a career center for half the day once they have attained Junior Status, having accumulated 24 or more credits.  Students can attend either Anderson Career Campus in Anderson or John H. Hinds Career Center in Elwood.  Many of the programs at each school lead to college credit at Ivy Tech State College.  Students provide their own transportation to and from the career centers.  They may attend in the morning or the afternoon.  Students sign up for career education when they make their regular class schedule for the coming year.  Applications to each school are readily available to every student in the high school Guidance Office.  Students must make a year-long commitment when registering for career center. Students will need to be enrolled at a career center to attain the Core 40 with Technical Honors Diploma.

 The programs at each school are as follows.


Anderson Education Center Programs (Courses take place Ebbert Building for the most part on 38th Street in Anderson.  Some courses take place off campus.  For more information, Contact  Anderson Career Campus director Julie Morse at  Students attending Anderson Career Campus may take 3 courses at AMHS in the morning or the afternoon.


  1.  Landscape Management I and II
  2. Auto Collision Repair Technology  I and II
  3. Automotive Service Technology  I and II
  4. Cosmetology  (at Apex Academy of Hair Design)  Only open to seniors
  5. Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management 11-12
  6. Advanced Culinary Arts  Senior Only
  7. Advanced Hospitality Management  Senior Only
  8. Health Science Education 11-12
  9. Health Science Education II Nursing  Senior
  10. Health Science Education II Pharmacy  Senior
  11. Veterinary Careers I
  12. Veterinary Careers II  Seniors Only
  13. Construction Trades I and II
  14. Welding I and II
  15. Criminal Justice I and II
  16. Early Childhood Education I
  17. Education Professions Senior Only
  18. Early Childhood Education II  Seniors
  19. Fire and Rescue  11 and 12  Afternoons Only
  20. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Seniors Only
  21. Advanced Manufacturing I and II
  22. Radio and TV  (Downtown Anderson)
  23. Fashion Textiles  (AHS)
  24. Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education  Seniors Only
  25. Strategic Marketing/Work-Based Learning  Seniors Only  (AHS)
  26. Entrepreneurship and New Ventures  Seniors Only  (AHS)



John H. Hinds Career Center Programs  (Elwood)

(Students at AMHS may take 3 or 4 courses here at the high school in the morning or starting with 4th period and still attend Hinds Career Center.


  1.  Construction Trades I and Ii
  2. Visual and Graphic Communications  I and II
  3. Business Technology and Internships  (Seniors Only
  4. Health Careers I  Junior or Senior
  5. Health Careers II  Seniors Only
  6. Cosmetology  Seniors only  Muncie
  7. Precision Machining/Computer Integrated Manufacturing/Hire Technology II
  8. Welding I and II
  9. Work-Based Learning Seniors Only
  10. Criminal Justice I and II
  11. Auto Service Technology I and II
  12. Automotive Collision Repair I and II





XVII.  Other opportunities

    Senior options:

A.  Graduating at the end of semester one of senior year. 

Students who wish to do this must fill out paperwork in January of their junior year.   They must have passed all required graduation tests, be on track for the Core 40 or Honors Diploma, and be in good standing. 


    Non Credit options

  1. Study Hall
  2. Teacher Assistant, Office Assistant, Media Center Assistant  These jobs require applications which must be approved by high school staff.



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