Tiger Tennis Facilities

The Alexandria High School Tennis Courts are home to the High School Tennis team.  The facilities host five courts with a unique maroon outside and tan inside color pattern (Same pattern as the school buildings).  The courts have lights that are set on a timer for anyone to use at night until 10:30 pm. The courts were redone on 2005 and have held up extremely well.  Black fence was added that helps deaden the ball upon contact.  Bleachers are located on courts three and four for fans to watch.    


Thanks to two recent grants, dontations from Kleeco, and help from the Athletic Department, the facilities have been upgraded to include new signs on the cement wall as well as new signs on the fence, a new outdoor shed by the school, two new sidewalks to the entrances of the gates, bushes and trees in front and along court five by the baseball field, new trash cans, and new tennis equipment. 


If the Tigers go inside as the weather gets bad, they take their practice into the west balcony.   In the late fall of 2013 the balcony was cleared out, painted, and set up for tennis and golf to use.  It is also used for PE throughout the day.  The balcony consists of a full singles court including almost complete doubles alleys.