Athletes of Character
PillarThe schools of Madison County began in 2002 to recognize the Students-Athletes who model the six pillars of character.  Each year six athletes from each school are selected. Alexandria High School is gifted with many who are role models by the way they live their lives and follow the fundamentals of the six pillars.  The players listed below are members of the tennis team who have been selected to represent AMHS.  Many play more then just tennis and have represented Alexandria both on and off the courts.  You can learn more at

2018: Samual Hensley, Avery Paddock
2017: Megan Miller, Blaine Kelly
2016: Matthew Hensley, Blake Morehead
2015: Josh DeutschPillers
2014: Hannah Libler, Andy Rowe
2013: Shanna Kelly
2011: Michelle McFerran
2010: Brianna Hensley, katie Muey
2009: Lauren Miller
2008: Melissa Montgomery
2007: Rachael Sayre
2006: Brooke Mevzek
2005: Sarah Aldridge, Micha Huestis
2004: Ashley Sprague
2003: Brittney Smith
2002: Kendra Lower, Sara Zirnheld