Students- Students shall park in the old "teacher parking lot." This lot is on the east (front) end of the school. All student drivers shall purchase a parking permit at the beginning of the year and be assigned a parking space for the school year. Failure to park in the assigned space can result in warning/suspension/revoke of the parking permit. Parking permits shall be obtained from the main office no later than the seventh day of school. Parking permits are $5. 

Student drivers should enter the parking lot from 6th street. Upon making the turn into the parking lot, students shall drive at 5 mph and use parking lot lanes to find their assigned parking spots. Students should use caution crossing the parking lot when coming into the school.
When leaving school, all students should use parking lot lanes. DO NOT drive through other parking spaces to leave the premises. All students shall exit at the southeast exit (practice football field). There is NO Passing at any time entering into the school (morning) or leaving (after school). 

Parent Drop Off/Pick Up-Parents dropping off students before school shall enter the premises from 6th street. Parents should remain in the Right Lane (towards curb) throughout the drop off of their student. There is NO PASSING in the parking lot from parents dropping off students. Parents shall exit the premises from the southeast exit (practice football field) after drop off. Parents picking up after school shall pick up their students in the WEST (old student parking) parking lot. Parking spaces will be available from rows 5-8. Please find a parking space and wait in your vehicle for your student to arrive. Leaving the premises, parents shall exit the NW (baseball diamond) exit. There is no passing during student pick up. 

Staff- Staff shall park in the West parking lot rows 2-4. Staff may also park along the North side (Tennis Court). Staff members shall keep the same parking spot for the year. All Staff shall enter the building through Tiger Arena.

Bus-All bus riders shall be dropped off in the West parking lot by the concession stand. Students shall exit the bus and enter the school through the Tiger Arena. Students riding buses home shall exit the school through door #3 (Art room). Students may also exit through Tiger Arena. 

Guests-Guests shall park in the marked "guest" parking spaces in the front (East) side of the building. 

Deliveries-Shall park in the  marked "guest" parking spaces in the front (East) side of the building.

Police/Staff-Police and staff shall monitor the entry and exit of students to and from the building daily. Any directions or actions to drivers is to be accepted and executed by all drivers. 


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